February 5, 2023
abyssinian cat breed

Abyssinians are of a medium build, lithe, energetic cat. They stand tall and proud, and will often dance on their tippee toes.

They approach each day with a passion for life, wondering what they can get up to today. So if you are looking for a lap cat the Aby is probably not for you. 🙂

They are unique in their beautiful rich coats due to their ‘Agouti-Ticking’. Each individual hair shaft is banded with colour. They require minimal grooming.


They have large well-set ears gently cupped at the base, which tilt slightly forward to make sure they do not miss out on anything.

They have strong facial markings, which outline their eyes and give each Aby their own ‘expression’. They very much resemble a miniature cougar or other wild cat.


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From my own experience after so many years of having abys own our lives, they are alive and vibrant they will shower you with love and affection and are incredibly loyal to their family.

Abys will push the boundaries of curiosity to the extreme they have to know what is behind every door, in each cupboard and every drawer in the house, even if it was discovered yesterday, there may be something new in there today.

They love people and being involved with everything you or the family does including most household chores, especially assisting with unpacking the groceries, craft projects and abys love water and bubbles!

They are highly intelligent and can be trained to play fetch, and walk easily outdoors on a harness.

Each day they have what I call ‘A black eyed Aby moment’ their eyes turn huge and black and they hurtle around the house with seemingly boundless amounts of energy chasing their make believe rabbit!

Abys are sensitive to your moods they are very comforting when you are sad, lonely or sick and when all is well they quiver their tails, knead their paws and purr loudly.

They have gentle soft little voices, and few are content with one ………..

history of abyssinian

History of Abyssinian Cats

No one knows for sure when or where the Abyssinian breed first developed. The best known and believed story is that today’s Abyssinian is a direct descendant of the sacred cat of the Ancient Egyptians.

The resemblance between Egyptian murals and sculpture, and the Abyssinian breed, is remarkable. The Abyssinian also bears a striking resemblance to the African Wildcat.

The African Wildcat was definitely domesticated by humans by 1600 B.C. The ancient burial sites have yielded mummified remains of this cat.

For more than 200 years Egyptians worshipped their cat companions as messengers of the gods. Abyssinians first arrived in America from England in early 1900.



The Abyssinian is one of the most captivating breeds. It is a perfect companion with its delightful personality, affectionate loving nature, intelligence and playfulness. The aby is known for its high activity level, sleek coat, expressive eyes and lithe body.

Every cat develops their own personality quirks with its own likes, dislikes and habits. For instance, our fawn girl, Kashmir, will come running at the sound of running water and will dip her paw and play if the tap is left running.

Abyssinians are determined and since they are intelligent, they are able to “problem solve” to get something they want, like open cupboard doors etc. They will figure out a way to get to where they want to be.


Abyssinians are not extremely vocal but purr enthusiastically! They are very devoted. They love to shoulder ride, be where you are, follow you around and lavish you with kisses in the form of nibbles, licks and head butts.

Abyssinians make great traveling companions. We often will choose a cat to come with us when we make deliveries for our business or when we go to cat shows. They also do very well on a harness and enjoy the outdoors!

As of late the Abyssinian has become one of the more popular cat breeds with some major cat publications ranking it among the top ten most popular breeds today.


The Abyssinian is very slender, long, and muscular in appearance with a medium length coat that is very silky in both touch and feel. If you have ever seen a Somali cat you will notice that there is a striking similarity.

Another prominent feature is the large and alert ears compared to the rest of its skinny body. The tail is also long, just like the rest of the body. Overall this breed is medium in size and weight compared to other felines.

The dark and light colored coat, also referred to as ‘ticking’ involves a base color that is darker with a lighter colored root. There are only a few cat breeds that have this type of cat, which makes it even more unique.


There are a few color variations but the overall appearance hasn’t changed much over the years. Color variations include a cinnamon base, a beige color base, and there is also a light cream base color which is rare compared to the first two that were mentioned.

Other rare colors include red, chocolate, lilac, and tortoiseshell with just a few breeders focusing on these types of coats. There is also a silver abyssinian but it current is not recognized by the CFA, making it unattractive as a pedigreed cat.

pixie the aby

Abyssinian Cat FAQ

Where did the name come from?

The term Abyssinian actually refers to ‘Ethiopia’, however it is believed that they came from Ancient Egypt.

Where did they come from?

Most people believe that the cat originated from Egypt several thousand years ago.

How big do Abyssinians get?

They are a medium size breed compared to other cats. Most adult females are in the range of 8-10 lbs while adult males can get as large as 10-15 lbs.

How long do they live?

Usually 12-15 years of age is the average for the Abyssinian breed although it can be more or less depending on individual care and health of the cat.

Is this cat good for families?

The Abyssinian is definitely good with families, including children as they require and crave attention as much as possible.

There are many indications that they may not do well with other cats or pets because of their desire to be the center of attention. If you do have other pets it is recommended that you make sure to give them the extra attention that they need.

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