March 28, 2023

Many of the Birman cats available from cat rescue groups are retired breeders, and do not meet the standards to show or breed or have somehow fallen into unfortunate circumstances.

Birmans are beautiful cats with delightful personalities. Their body features are a combination of traits of Oriental and European cats giving them a sturdy, yet graceful look.


About Birman Cat Breed

Birman cats have semi-long that because of its silky texture does not mat. Their body fur is light colored and they have “points” of color like a Siamese on their face, ears, legs and tail.

The fur on a Birman’s body is light with a slight golden hue. The points can be solid, lynx (tabby) or tortie. The four traditional colors for Birman points are seal, blue, chocolate and cream. Over breeding time, lilac and red have been added.

There are 20 variations of the Birman colors that have been officially recognized. They are as follows:

Solid Points: Seal Point, Blue Point, Chocolate Point, Lilac Point, Red Point, Cream Point, Blue-Cream Point, Lilac-Cream Point

Lynx or Tabby Points: Seal Lynx Point, Blue Lynx Point, Chocolate Lynx Point , Lilac Lynx Point, Red Lynx Point, Cream Lynx Point, Tortie Lynx Point

Tortie Points: Seal Tortie Point, Blue Tortie Point, Chocolate Tortie Point, Lilac Tortie Point, Red Tortie Point

Another distinctive feature of the Birman cat is their symmetrical four white feet. On their front paws, the white goes across in an even line when they are standing with their front feet together. On their back paws, the white ends in a point that goes up the back of the foot.

The Birman have big sapphire blue eyes that stare at you with the most thoughtful expression indicative of their wonderful personality. They are intelligent, loving and playful and enjoy the company of both humans and other cats.

In fact, they can get quite lonely if they are without companionship for too long. But, don’t let that make you think they need constant attention. They sense when you are busy and they will wait quietly until you have time for them.


History of Birman Cats

There are many stories about the origin of the Birman cat. Some conflict and some just seem to have gotten the facts mixed up.

What is known is that the Birman is known as the Sacred Cat of Burma as they were sacred priestly cats of the Khmer People of ancient Thailand.

They were introduced to Europe from Southeast Asia by way of France in 1916 and in 1925 the Federation Feline Francaise recognized the Birman breed.

During the Second World War, the majority of catteries disappeared and the number of Birman cats decreased dramatically. Their numbers were so depleted that no Birmans survived in Switzerland, Belgium, or Italy. In order to save the breed, a few breeders in France bred the surviving Birmans with other longhaired and shorthaired breeds to keep the line going.

In 1959-60, the first Birmans were imported from France into the United States. In 1963, the Birman cats were registered with CFA. And in 1967, the seal, blue, lilac, and chocolate colors received champion status with the remaining colors gaining that status in 2001.

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Adopt a Birman Cat

If you are looking to adopt a Birman cat, or simply get more information on this amazing breed, the following resources can help you locate the perfect cat for you and your family.


Birman Cat Rescue Group Directory

Cat Fancier’s Association

Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers



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