March 28, 2023

The Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain in Raindrop Design is made of durable materials (stainless steel, ceramic, plastic) to give your cat the cleanest, hypo-allergenic drinking fountain available.

This set includes one replaceable charcoal filter to keep water sparkling clean. Its heavy duty design means that the bowl will not tip over when your cats are enjoying their water, and its beautiful raindrop design looks great in any home.

The Pioneer Pet 6022 Drinking Fountain comes apart easily and is dishwasher safe for easy and thorough cleaning.

raindrop design steel fountain

Design Features and Specifications

  • Made of hypo-allergenic, heavy duty ceramic, steel, or plastic
  • Includes one replaceable charcoal filter for pure, clean water
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Beautiful raindrop shape complements any house design
  • 60 oz (0.5 gallon/1.7 litre) capacity
  • Circulating drinking water attracts your cat to drink more water

What People Are Saying About This Product

There are a large number of reviews for this cat water fountain online, and overall they are very positive.

Happily, there are a few very nice reviews by people who have owned a number of cat water fountains and can speak to the pros and cons of the Pioneer Pet 6022 Drinking Fountain as compared to others.

There were a few complaints from some reviewers. Some people found the noise of the water circulating to be too loud. Reading through the comments, we found this to be a very individual preference or sensitivity.

Some people found the sound of trickling water to be very soothing (like a Zen water garden) but others found it kept them awake.

Other people reported that his pump is typically quieter than other brands. We did find that the noise complaints often came from first time cat water fountain owners so they may not have known what to expect.

Some people would have liked an add on reservoir to increase the water fountain’s capacity. This fountain may have to be refilled daily.

Again we think this con may actually be a positive as it allows pet owners to observe their cat’s drinking and the state of the fountain daily. A reservoir may give a false sense of security and the fountain might not be checked as frequently as it should.

There were a few mentions by people whose cats played with the fountain so much that they removed the top part, causing water to leak on the floor.


Like all cat water fountains, the Pioneer Pet 6022 Ceramic Drinking Fountain uses replaceable charcoal filters. Prospective owners need to be aware that the filters should be changed every 2 weeks. Please factor this into the cost of running any water drinking fountain.

The positives were many. Most people love the ceramic and steel models. Plastic is harder to clean, can harbour bacteria in scratches and causes allergic reactions in some cats. That said, the plastic models even went over pretty well.

We prefer the ceramic version.  Ceramic means that it can be easily and thoroughly sanitized and there are no allergic reactions. It also makes this fountain heavier than other cat water fountains made of plastic so its much harder to tip over.

This fountain is designed to have both a fountain and a bowl reservoir so suits a multi-cat household where some cats like to drink from a waterfall or others who prefer a pool.

Many people commented on how easy it is to clean versus other brands. It breaks down into only 3 parts and does not require special brushes to reach into awkward areas like other brands.

Easy cleaning means you are going to clean it more often and your cats will therefore have cleaner water.

It’s really nice looking. As cat owners, we know we would get the best for our cats even if it was ugly, but its really a plus to be able to get something that works so well and looks so good!

Bottom Line

We really like the Pioneer Pet 6022 Drinking Fountain, and given the large number of positive reviews from experienced owners we have no hesitation recommending this fountain.

Experienced cat water fountain owners say “Overall: Probably the best you can get.”

We think one owner put it best, “the plastic Drinkwell fountain is the ford focus you buy for your teenager – this fountain is the BMW you’d buy for yourself!”

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