March 28, 2023

OMG! Flying with kids AND a fur baby!

Yep! I took the challenge and flew three months ago, by myself with two kids and our beloved kitty, Peanut. My husband had the brilliant idea to drive from our home on the East Coast to our new home in New Mexico. He drove a few days prior to the kiddos and I flying out.

To fly or not to fly – the kids, fur baby and I

As I’ve gotten older the thought of flying and crashing, has only added to my anxiety.

Toss in factors like children and fur babies, and it’s taken to a whole new level! We could have traveled as a family and spent the next several days in the car; eating fast food, sitting for 8+ hours, trying to find a hotel, all while dealing with screaming kids and a kitty that needs to use the litter box

…OR we could spend one day, sucking it up, flying to our destination. So, the kiddos, the fur baby and I flew.

Things I did days prior to our trip. Maybe some of these will help you too! Mama LOVES lists! It’s true, I really, really do!

Here is a list of some of the items I wanted to keep on top of.

What items the kids, fur baby and I needed, while we waited for my husband to reach his destination. These items included clothing, snacks, shoes, iPads and chargers, computer, etc.

Order the right pet carrier. I ordered the Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier by Mr. Peanut’s. How appropriate since our kitty’s name is Peanut, except she’s a girl.

Our Mr. Peanut’s pet carrier is awesome because you have all these different options for opening the bag, even a small window zip opening to be able to pet her, or offer treats.

What’s nifty is all the openings have clips, so your pet can’t open the zippers. Nice safety feature too. Plus it comes with a soft fluffy inner liner that’s removable if it happens to get soiled.

If your pet is the wiggly variety, I highly recommend a harness, also because you have you remove your pet before they scan your pet carrier. Yet that too gets scanned. I did not have one on my kitty, but I’m thankful that the security checkpoint wasn’t as busy as it was, or that could have ended differently.

Flying with a fur baby.

List of items I used for “Fly Day”.

Snacks for the kiddos.

HIGHLY important because they keep the kids busy, and kept the hangry away! Trust me on this! Some snacks I had were, organic fruit snacks (coloring is from fruits and veggies, not dyes), nuts, and the most importantly lollipops! These are perfect for ascending and descending. Helps “pop” the ears.


iPads and all charging cables. Trust me, you don’t want dead electronics! Phone and charging cables. Book readers, etc.

Empty sippy cups, and flip-flops/crocs

Apparently you’re able to have kids cups with liquid in them, but I don’t believe all places follow the same rules, and I didn’t want to take a chance, so I say empty is the way to go. At least until your through the security check point. My daughter uses this one, and my son uses this one, and a dinosaur one. Also, flip-flops are a must! You’ll read why in a sec.

Remember those empty cups?

Once you’re through security, stop at Starbucks. Trust me you’ll want that last-minute pick-me-up before you fly, plus the barista’s will be more than happy to fill up your kiddos cups for free! Their water is filtered. You get coffee, and the kids get water FOR. FREE! Win-win! Plus maybe a snack. 😉Fly with coffee and egg bites


Speaking of checkpoints, if traveling alone with your entourage, I HIGHLY recommend asking for a room if that’s an option. That way you’re able to get everything checked out and your kids and pets will be safe, and can’t wander off. Also, remember the flip-flops/crocs? Yep, SUPER easy to put on, and take off. Especially when you have no hangs because they’re full, and they need to put them in the bins. Again, at our check point they said the kids could wear their shoes. NO ONE EVER TELLS YOU THAT BEFORE YOU TAKE THEIR SHOES OFF. Grrrrr.

My experience with checkpoint.

When the kids (fur and otherwise) went through security, I had to offload all our electronics, shoes, phone, etc., into those bins. All while trying to keep track of my kids, so they didn’t wander off, plus hold the cat so she didn’t get loose. Out of the entire trip, the checkpoint caused me the most stress, and was the hardest fiasco!

Request help!

Request help if you can, don’t be afraid to ask! Between the kids and I, we must have had about ten of those damn bins! Plus they were SLOW look meticulously through every item.

Not to mention we go pulled off to the side for a bag check! I was like, are you freaking kidding me?! Oh, it was lovely…barefooted, kids walking around, waiting for the pet carrier to come out of X-ray, so I could put my sweet kitty back into the carrier.

Our goods spread out all over the place. It was hectic, I’m not going to lie. Just sharing my experience! Have a crazy experience going through checkpoint, leave me a comment! I may feature the best story on IG/FB!

Other miscellaneous items

Last by not least, coloring books and crayons, or other non-electronic activities for those kiddos who may not necessarily always rely on electronics. My daughter being one of them. She liked to look out the window, but also stand in her seat and try to chat with the folks behind her, so occupying her time was a must!

Yes, it can be done!

Hope these tips help you the next time you have to fly with kiddos and fur babies! Yeah, I patted myself on the back for taking on that HUGE responsibility alone, and now you can too!

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