March 28, 2023
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As a cat owner, you are probably doing everything you can to keep your beloved feline happy and entertained.

You probably already know that one of the best ways to keep your pet happy and entertained is by giving it fun and interesting toys to play with.

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Whether you talk about squeaky toys or puzzles, there is an ocean full of toys available on the market specially made to keep cats happy and occupied.

But are all types of toys safe and suitable for cats? It is something you need to find out.

Toys That Can Be Dangerous for Your Cat

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While all cat toys have potential dangers, there are some toys that you simply shouldn’t let your cat play with. Some toys can be extremely hazardous; cats can swallow them, become tangled in them, or be cut by them.

Although these toys may appear popular many vets recommend you steer clear because of their potential risks. Here are some toys that may not be suitable for cats to play with:

Strings and Yarns

It’s not a secret that cats adore to play with strings, yarns, ribbons, threads, and shoelaces. These items are usually lightweight, colorful, and can be easily picked up by cats.

The internet is full of images of cats playing with yarn or strings. All these images often make cat owners believe that it is safe for their cats to play with these items.

Unfortunately, yarns and strings can be very dangerous items for your cat to play with.

Items like yarn or a piece of string can cause your cat to choke. Even a tiny amount of yarn inside your cat’s stomach may lead to serious gastrointestinal blockages.

Choking caused by a piece of yarn or string is one of the most common reasons cat owners rush their pets to vet clinics.

A great alternative for yarns and strings are wool felt balls. These balls don’t have any choking hazards and provide the same artsy appeal.

Large Cat Trees

cat trees

Cats naturally like to be up high where they can have a great view of everything going around them. This is one of the reasons why cat really love to play around cat trees.

A cat tree can be a lot of fun to climb and it will definitely appear like the perfect toy for any cat. However, tall cat trees can become dangerous for cats.

An accidental fall from the top of a tall tree can cause head trauma, sprains, and abdominal injuries.

A 2-feet tall cat tree would be the perfect tree for a small kitten that is just starting to learn how to climb and jump. Cat trees that are taller than 2 feet are meant only for cats older than 6 months.

Small Household Objects

Some of the things that cats often love to play with are not toys at all. These may be random household object such as twist ties or hair ties. Although your cat may find these items fun to play with, they can be very dangerous, especially if swallowed.

Items that may appear harmless to you may not be so to cats. Thus, it is better to get rid of anything that may threaten your beloved pet.

Toys With Sharp Edges

Some cat toys come with sharp edges. At the same time, a lot of everyday household objects cats tend to play with have single or multiple sharp sides.

This includes screwdrivers, razors, forks, and any other metallic item.

Playing with such things can be dangerous for your cat. Thus, it is advised to keep anything with sharp edges away from your cat.

Feather Toys

feather toys

Many cat toys come with incorporated feathers. However, these types of toys can be very dangerous because swallowing a feather, or even a part of it, can easily cause serious issues.

Swallowing a feather, for example, can cause a blockage of airways, which is a medical emergency.

cat swallowing feathers

If your cat really likes to play with feather toys, you should keep an eye on her to make sure she is safe and does not get into trouble.

It is also worth saying that feathers tend to come loose from low-quality feather toys faster than from the more quality ones. Thus, we suggest spending a bit more on high-quality feather toys.

Cats are very playful animals and are naturally drawn to toys. Today there are hundreds of different types of toys that can make your cat happy and well entertained.

However, not all toys available on the market are safe. Select your cat’s toys carefully, choosing toys that won’t only keep your cat entertained but also safe.

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